Scarf Poncho Top

20140626-071409-26049884.jpgI love scarves: the prints, the drapey fabric, and I love using scarves to make one of a kind clothing. The girls and I found this lovely rayon scarf marked down at a local discount store- and we couldn’t pass it up.  A scarf poncho top seemed like the perfect thing to use it for. You must start with a square scarf.  Here I’m using a 38″ square rayon scarf.  I will be making a girls sz 12 top.  This scarf is plenty big for this size, and would probably work for up to a lady’s extra small.  I’m a size small petite and I have used a 39″ square scarf for a top for me, with no extra to spare.  A larger size would need a larger scarf.  How to judge?  The length.  You need something twice the intended finished length. If you’re using a rectangular scarf, you would need to worry about width also.   20140613-201245-72765492.jpgFind the exact center of the scarf and cut a neck opening.  I like to keep it as small as possible and still fit over my head.  This kind of opening can quickly accidentally get too big.  The raw edges are carefully turned in 1/8″ twice and stitched in place on the sewing machine.  When I made a neck opening on a silk scarf I did a hand stitched rolled hem.  You also could do a small bias binding, but I hate to think of adding extra bulk to the scarf. 20140626-071407-26047629.jpg 20140613-201242-72762395.jpg 20140613-201244-72764462.jpgNow you need to find something in your closet that is of a woven fabric that you can get on with any buttons buttoned or the zipper zipped. It is hard to see, but the sides of he scarf are pinned to keep the layers from slipping and I made a chalk line on the scarf following the curve of the other garment.  Here I’m making the stitching line about 1/2″ further out to allow the child to grow.  You could follow the edge of the garment exactly if you’re happy with its fit.  If you are unsure, you can always baste first and try it on.  Be careful with the fragile fabric, though!  Notice how much of this scarf is below the waist line here.  Because of that extra length, I didn’t stitch all the way to the bottom of the scarf, but stopped a few inches up, at the green line.  On mine, the scarf only comes down to my hip line so I stitched clear to the bottom.  There are no seams for the arms, just the side seams.

20140626-071408-26048931.jpg           20140626-123150-45110693.jpg   I hope you enjoy this post.  It is a great way to use a great scarf that might be sitting in the bottom of your drawer otherwise.