Chemo headcovering

 When a friend of mine undergoing treatment for cancer started to lose her hair, I wanted to sew her a hat.  After looking around a little, I settled on this style.  This is my version of a headcovering I came across on a popular site.  I found a good hat needs to be soft, a knit cotton, or better yet, rayon fabric.  It needs to have a little extra bulk to sugest a fullness where hair used to be.   It should be lightweight, comfortable to wear at room temperature. 

I started with 2 rectangles of fabric.

Mark 3 sewing lines each 1  3/4″ apart on the right side.

Sew a 5/8″ tuck on each stitching line.  Sew the short ends together on the skinny “hatband” piece.  Use a small 1/4″ seam allowance for all seams.

Stitch the side seam with a small zigzag or surge.  Fold the hatband piece in half, right side out, and press.


Fold the big piece in quarters and cut the corner as shown.  Trim the side opposite the seam.

Trace a dinner plate to get a good curve for this diagonal cut.

 Looks like this opened up.  If this step doesn’t make sense, try it with a piece of paper first!

Stitch these crown shaping seams, I used a straight stitch and a slightly smaller seam allowance.  Opposite seams first, then re fold and sew up and over the top.   

To sew the hat band on, match the center back seams, mark the center front,pin. Slightly streach the hatband to fit.  Zigzag or surge. 

Pointy corners?  Go back and round off those corners a little more as needed.

That’s it!


Give it a try and let me know what you think!  I have a smallish head.  This fit my friend nicely also, but may be too small for some heads.  Leave a comment.  Thanks!


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