Unused hand knit sweater to pillow cover

sw 9This pillow cover is made from an old hand knit sweater my mom made years ago.  She is an expert knitter, and since no one in the family seemed ready to adopt the sweater, and I couldn’t bear to just get rid of it, I began thinking of other uses.  I settled on a pillow- for Mother’s Day.


sw 2 sw 3This is very simple and straight forward.  Just cut a rectangle from the body  of the sweater and surge around the edges.            sw 4 sw 6 (2) sw 6I made a pillow insert of home dec fabric from the same dimensions, stuffed it and sewed it shut.  I used a decorative lining fabric because the buttons might gap or come unbuttoned, especially if this pillow were to get caught up in a pillow fight with the grandkids. sw 7I sewed the sweater pieces together, right sides together with the buttons buttoned, making sure the button bands were lined up right at the stitching line.  I used a narrow zigzag stitch to allow a little stretch.   sw 8I opened the buttons and turned it right side out.  A little steaming was helpful where the seams had stretched.  That’s it!


I think I like the side with the buttons the best.  sw 9sw 10


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