Blossom hair clips

2014-04-03 15.42.29These peony-like hair clips are so easy to make and addictive!  We made a few of these with our girls group earlier in the week, and my girls have been making them ever since.2014-04-03 15.13.23

2014-04-03 15.39.14The edges of the petals are sealed with a flame, which also causes them to curl.  You absolutely MUST use a synthetic fabric.  Cotton, rayon or silk will burn.

2014-04-03 15.46.09Here is a sampling of the flowers we made his week- Beautiful!!

We found a pile of synthetic fabric in our stash.  If you are going to buy fabric, it doesn’t take very much, about 4″ of yardage will make a flower or 2, depending on how full you make it.

2014-04-03 15.17.08A sheer fabric will give different look than a solid- both are beautiful.

2014-04-03 15.17.12We cut about a 4″ strip off the end of our fabric.  It is so slippery that it is a little hard to work with, but we don’t need to be precise.  We folded the strip till we had a square, then cut a circle out of it.  For a different look, you can cut half your strip in big circles, then use the rest to cut slightly smaller circles of several sizes.

2014-04-03 15.18.20Our circles came out tear-drop shaped this time, no matter.  We are heat sealing the edges with a small candle- a tea light.  We don’t want too much heat, especially for the girls.

2014-04-03 15.19.44As we hold the edges close to the flame, they melt and curl.  There are different techniques, I like to hold the piece over the flame, the girls like to hold it close from the side.

2014-04-03 15.20.12

2014-04-03 15.29.11Again, these don’t have to be exact, I think they look more like nature with some variation.  When all the edges are finished, stack them up.  The bottom of the stack can be sloppy or crooked with some of the petals sticking out more on different sides.  If you made some smaller circles, they obviously go on top.

2014-04-03 15.37.30Then, using a small needle (easier to go through small beads) stitch all the layers together using a large X stitch.  When you pull that tight, it gathers the petals slightly.  Tie off your thread.  Sometimes we would save the smallest petal circles and sew them on separately at this point.  Tie off your thread again.

2014-04-03 15.37.52

2014-04-03 15.39.14Pull your thread through to the center of the flower and add a few beads, 3 or 5 or so (an uneven number), and to the back again. If you used 5 or more beads, make another stitch up and over the row of beads to hold it flat.  Tie off your thread again. Then stitch your flower to a barrette, hair clip or bobby pin.

2014-04-03 15.46.09

2014-04-03 15.42.29Lovely!  Hope you enjoy making these as much as we did!  It’s very nice to have some beautiful flowers as we are waiting for spring to really break out in full swing.  Of course, these can be used anywhere on a bag or hat, even embellishing clothing.  I haven’t tried it, but I think these blossoms should be fine in the laundry gentle cycle.

2014-04-03 15.46.30Here is another version with less petals and on a hair band.







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