Tie-dye yardage #2

2014-03-14 07.56.12Here I am heat setting Rit Dye in the oven, and the results are great!  Normally, I’d do a smaller piece, like this in the microwave; the oven is great for more fabric than would fit in the microwave. But, since I recommended this technique in the last post not having actually tried it, I wanted to heat setting a piece of fabric in the oven right away.  I’d say this has the look of ice or snow dying, which is for fiber reactive dyes.  But I tend to use a lot of Rit Dye; it is so easy to use and to come by.  Starting with a pale yellow cotton, I then chose colors of SPRING!

2014-03-13 17.49.11I loosely pleated the wet fabric and folded and spread it in a baking dish.  I watered down the Rit Dye, about one part dye to 4 parts  warm water with about a table spoon of salt, stir to dissolve the salt.  This technique doesn’t waste any dye- all of it is used up.  No running around the house looking for something else to put in the leftover dye bath that you just can’t bear to throw out yet.

2014-03-13 17.51.54

2014-03-13 18.00.09All the fabric fit nicely in a 10X13 casserole dish, I poured on the dye, covered it with foil and put it in the oven at 250*.  I checked every half hour to make sure it hadn’t dried out, every thing was looking good when I went out for the evening with my husband.  I told the kids just take it out and turn off the oven when the timer rings.  When I came home several hours later, the house was quiet, most of the kids were in bed and the oven was still on and the fabric was still in it, and still moist and all was fine.  So here it is, rinsed in the sink and after being washed and dried by machine.

2014-03-14 07.55.502014-03-14 07.56.12


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