Needle book/ Minimalist Sewing Kit


n13I recently made three of these for teen boys in my life who are bound for adventure, so I’ll call them “Minimalist Sewing Kits”.  This “Be a Man” fabric has special significance in our family and over the years pieces of it show up here and there.  Only a little bit of the famous yardage is left, but this small project really stretches the remaining amount.

However, if the fabric is a different print, you have an attractive and useful “Needle Book”.  I first made myself just such a needle book several years ago (photo above) and it has been an indispensable part of my knitting bag ever since.


2 pieces of card stock to coordinate with your fabric, I used 2 1/4″ X 1 3/4″ but anything around that size would be fine.

A piece of wool felt and a piece of fabric 3″ X 1 3/4″ (If you vary your card stock size, you might need to adjust other sizes as well)

A small piece of fabric for the front 1 1/8″ X 1 3/4″

Elastic 4 1/2″ or a length of thin ribbon about 24″ long or a ponytail hairband


I fussy cut this fabric, but for most prints that wouldn’t be necessary.  Stack the felt, then the fabric, face down and the elastic folded in half.


Mark and sew the center line, back stitching over the elastic (or ribbon or hairband) and at both ends.


Slide 2 pieces of wax paper between the felt “page” and the fabric “page” so any glue that might seep through the fabric won’t stick to the felt.  With a good quality glue, glue the pieces of mat board to the fabric leaving the elastic free in between the card stock pieces.



Set a nice heavy book on top and let it dry overnight.


Then fill it up!


I wrapped a small piece of cardboard with thread and pinned it in the back.  This is optional, but would be needed if you’re making the “Minimalist Sewing Kit”



All set!



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