Backpacking First Aid Pouch

2013-12-15 15.10.23

Here is a nifty little first aid pouch for backpacking or the car.  This is great for kids or anyone who is packing light.  I might make this from all red fabric, but one of the guys here insisted that camo is better, with the red cross.

2013-12-15 15.49.28

There is a clear vinyl panel on the other side so you can see what all you’ve got in there.


8″X7″  camo or other fabric for body of bag.

1 3/4″ X 4 1/2″ same fabric (or other) for loop.2013-12-15 11.43.24

8″X3 1/2″ clear vinyl

8″ or bigger zipper

red quilt fabric, about 2 1/2″ square

Heat and Bond (or some such)


2013-12-15 11.44.56

2013-12-15 11.48.48

Adhere the heat and bond to the back of the red fabric.  You can make an easy cross by just snipping the corners off a square.

2013-12-15 13.22.35

If you give the paper backing a good crinkle it pulls away from the fabric, peel off the paper.

2013-12-15 13.34.47

Iron the cross to the center of the bag piece.  Use med-low heat; too high heat (cotton) melts the glue all into the fabric and it doesn’t work at all.

2013-12-15 13.36.40          2013-12-15 13.36.58

Iron the loop piece in half longways. Then turn the outside edges into the middle fold, press.

2013-12-15 13.37.20

Fold  the loop piece shut, all edges turned in, press again then stitch.

2013-12-15 13.56.30

Stitch around the edges of the red cross with red thread.

2013-12-15 14.13.03

Matching up the 8″ sides of the body fabric and the clear vinyl, straight stitch with right sides together.  Fold the seam allowance toward the fabric and zigzag, top stitching and covering the raw edge of the fabric at the same time.

2013-12-15 14.15.13

While you’re zigzagging, stitch along the opposite end of the of the body piece.

2013-12-15 14.57.46

Put your zipper foot on your machine.  This is very hard to see, with the vinyl being clear.  Stitch the zipper to the vinyl right sides together.  I find the vinyl feeds better on the top, so position the zipper side down when you are stitching.  You may have  to stop stitching and move the zipper pull out of the way, then continue sewing.  If your zipper is longer than 8″, you can position the pull off the fabric while you sew.

2013-12-15 14.58.48

Then sew the other side of the zipper to the zigzagged end, right sides together.

2013-12-15 15.00.25

You should now have a tube of the fabric, vinyl and zipper with the sides open.

2013-12-15 15.08.24

Open your zipper a few inches.  This is very important because you will turn your pouch right side out through the zipper, and you need to be able to easily un-zip it.  Now flatten your tube.  Position the zipper about 3/4″ down from one side.  It should look like this.  Fold the loop piece in half and position it in the seam just above the zipper.  You can see the ends sticking out a little in the photo here.  Stitch the sides shut, backstitching over the ends of the zipper and over the loop, and at either end.  Zigzag along the raw edges.

2013-12-15 15.10.09

Wiggle the zipper open and turn it right side out.  Poke the corners out.

2013-12-15 15.10.23

2013-12-15 15.49.28

Here it is pressed.  The zipper area needs to be pressed some.  You shouldn’t really touch the vinyl with the iron unless it is low heat, but you can finger press it flat. Carefully turn the bag over and press the other side to get the vinyl to lay flat and allow the zipper to lay flat.

2013-12-15 15.10.23Now you can fill it up with all those first aid things, and maybe some super glue and a little thing of duct tape.  Are we ready for adventure?


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