Recover iPod case!-from Aria


I love my Apple products! But I’ve been disappointed with the accessory’s available for the iPod touch 4. So while digging through a discounted bin of random accessory’s at a local surplus and salvage shop I came across a few snap on hard cases for my touch 4!!! Woohoo – I can do something with this! You can also purchase snap on cases on Amazon for next to nothing.

What you need-

snap on case

fabric of your fav design

fingernail polish remover

cotton balls

Mod Podge

exacto knife


opt-fabric paint and stencil

To start use fingernail polish remover to take off the old design. (if you buy a clear case skip this step)

photo 1

It should come right off. It may take awhile to get it all off – if you leave some of the design on it’s OK.  You just don’t want the design to show through your fabric.

photo 2

photo 3

Ta da!

Now cut the fabric. You want to leave plenty of space around the edges. You will trim it later-

photo 4

photo 5

Now you can add a stencil if you want! Otherwise skip this step.

photo 1

This is our favorite stencil in case you can’t tell. 😉

I chose to brush my paint on thick in some places and thin in others to give it character.

photo 2

Finished product!

photo 4

Now most if this on the front is going to be cut off. If you do stencil make sure to put a lot around the edges so it will show up on the front piece

Now paint the mod podge on the fabric on the wrong side of the fabric- thick!!

photo 2

This is the part where everything gets covered in sticky mod podge- hang in there it’s worth it I promise!

Lay the fabric onto your hand like so – then place the case over it, making sure to wrap it up around the curves of the case.

photo 4

With one hand hold the case and with the other carefully trim the edge off – MAKE SURE to not cut off too much! You can always make is smaller but at this point you cannot make it bigger.

photo 5

This is what it should look like when you’re done! Don’t worry about trimming the camera hole. That will come later.

photo 1

Now to the front – follow the same steps as before but now let it partially dry before continuing. You want it dry enough that it stays on nicely, but wet enough that when you trim the inside you can easily stick down the edges on the curved inside edge.

When ready, cut a small slash in the middle with the exacto knife.

photo 3

Then cut to one of the corners

photo 4

Carefully cut around all the edges sticking it down on the edges as you go. Be extra careful on the half circle for the home button. This is easy to overcut and make too small. This is what you should have when you’re done!

photo 5

Now to uncovering the camera holes! Use the exacto knife to work your way around the hole. You will need to add a dab of mod podge when you’re done.

photo 1

Unfortunately it appears I have no picture of the next step! (how did that happen??)

Anyway take your pencil and poke in into the holes until you get it as far in as it will go. This creates a nice rounded edge for the camera hole. When you’re done with that put a bit of fray check around it just for giggles. Its a weak point and you don’t want it fraying.  Do this for all the tiny holes and then…..Ta da!!!!! you’re done!!!

photo 2

You can now customize any electronic device you own! I mean, EVERYTHING has a snap on case! And you can get them for next to nothing! Why pay 25 bucks for a snazzy case when you can make one for dirt cheap! Have fun! Hey-leave me pictures in the comments! I would love to see what you come up with!

photo 3


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