Quick! Bun wraps.

Most every day I put my hair up in those bendable rollers, so I covered some with fabric to improve the look of them.  Since I use them with damp hair and want them to dry, the fabric I pulled out to cover them with is mostly polyester; cotton would hold water.

2013-08-11 11.17.54 2013-08-11 11.28.21

I cut a “pattern” piece 4″ wide and the length of the bendable roller, plus 2.5 inches.  I then folded the piece in half and cut the point on the ends.  I’d like the finished product to be at an angle.  I then carefully stacked my other fabrics, and cut them all out at once with a rotary cutter, following my pattern.

2013-08-11 11.30.452013-08-11 11.31.00

2013-08-11 11.31.47

Each piece is folded in half, right sides together and sewn, leaving about a 1.5 inch opening in the middle.

2013-08-11 11.47.37 2013-08-11 11.48.17

The corners are trimmed being careful not to clip the stitching line or get to close to the stitching.  The polyester fabric is prone to have little bits of frayed fabric poke out the corners.

2013-08-11 11.49.38 2013-08-11 11.52.00

The piece is turned and the corners worked out by rolling them between your fingers, or pushing them out with a pencil or tool.  Press it flat.  The bendable roller is bent in half and inserted into the opening.

2013-08-11 11.57.40 2013-08-11 11.57.51

Straighten it out and edge stitch the opening shut.

2013-08-11 11.58.08 2013-08-11 11.59.23

Here’s the finished product.  Looks good.

2013-08-11 13.20.18 2013-08-11 14.31.43

Pretty hair.

2013-08-12 09.39.38


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